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Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck Essay Example

Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck Essay â€Å"I think the artist has the right to interpret and re-interpret history and the events of his time (Oliver Stone)†. Discuss this statement with reference to Good Night and Good Luck. George Clooney’s Good Night and Good Luck is a docudrama set in the 50’s during the rise of television. A docudrama is a film narrative based on a real time or event. This docudrama follows the true battle between a Mr Edward R. Murrow a well-respected CBS news reporter and Joseph McCarthy a junior senator from Wisconsin, who is blinded by patriotism and obvious hatred for communism. Murrow goes â€Å"straight at† McCarthy and targets his terrorism towards suspected communists and publicly denotes him for convicting civilians without trial in an era when the fourth estate was only used to â€Å"distract, delude, amuse, and insulate† and not show the reality of the world. Docudramas can provide a powerful way of showing past events. A docudrama gives the audience a greater insight into the time and events by getting beneath the surface as the artist has the right to remake scenes that were not documented. Critics of docudrama say the medium is merely a form of entertainment and has no credit in being used as a form of education as the director can pick and choose what goes in and scenes has to be fabricated. In the case of Good Night and Good Luck, Clooney gives a balanced view of Murrow, leaving McCarthy and Murrow both losers in the end. We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In the opening scenes Clooney provides us with an interpretation of the 50’s which later reveals what lies beneath the surface. The characters appear at Murrow’s press club to be laughing and joking giving the impression of a facade of happiness between the co-workers. In reality, we later learn these reporters are willing to tear each other to shreds and steal each other’s jobs in order to get to where they want to be. This was a way of life in the fifties where everything had to seem normal and happy on the Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck Essay Example Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck Essay The film is relevant and successfully portrays the historical aspects of broadcast journalism in 1950’s America accurately. Initially shot in color, the film was edited to a black-and-white or grayscale theme in order to match the time period. Clooney also decided to incorporate actual footage of McCarthy presenting his speeches. These clips chronicle McCarthy’s reels and lend historical accuracy to the film. The movie also persists in establishing the â€Å"behind-the-scenes† of the early days of broadcast. In the headquarters, we see typewriters, heavy smoking, drinking, and episodes of stress that were to be expected in the business. The inner-workings of news and television such as the small space Murrow had between his chair and the camera were also believable. The film was also objective with the presentation of facts and newspapers. They utilized the exact words from the broadcasting between McCarthy and Murrow, and also showed the problems Murrow faced. T hese all contributed to recreating a realistic representation of the time period and the struggles of those who disagreed with McCarthy’s principles. One of the most important questions the film raised was the influence and change of mass media. In the 1950s, the commercial business of the television industry had just begun to expand and grow. By this late 1950s, there were over three million television sets in distributed across American homes, and CBS News had established itself as a credible source of television reporting. However, many television networks were not immune to scrutiny by McCarthy, and it was also true that in order to appease sponsors, many networks censored and avoided any controversial contents. Television is also not completed protected by the first amendment. Newspapers can censure government, but the federal Communications Commission can revoke a television licenses. So, one important theme posed by the movie was the government’s relationships wit We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Movie Summary Good Night and Good Luck specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer

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Electron Definition in Science

Electron Definition in Science An electron is a stable negatively charged component of an atom. Electrons exist outside of and surrounding the atom nucleus. Each electron carries one unit of negative charge (1.602 x 10-19 coulomb) and has a small mass as compared with that of a neutron or proton. Electrons are much less massive than protons or neutrons. The mass of an electron is 9.10938 x 10-31 kg. This is about 1/1836 the mass of a proton. In solids, electrons are the primary means of conducting current (since protons are larger, typically bound to a nucleus, and thus more difficult to move). In liquids, current carriers are more often ions. The possibility of electrons was predicted by Richard Laming (1838-1851), Irish physicist G. Johnstone Stoney (1874), and other scientists. The term electron was first suggested by Stoney in 1891, although the electron was not discovered until 1897, by British physicist J.J. Thomson. A common symbol for an electron is e-. The electrons antiparticle, which carries a positive electric charge, is called a positron or antielectron and is denoted using the symbol ÃŽ ²-. When an electron and a positron collide, both particles are annihilated and gamma rays are released. Electron Facts Electrons are considered to be a type of elementary particle because they are not made up of smaller components. They are a type of particle belonging to the lepton family and have the smallest mass of any charged lepton or other charged particle.In quantum mechanics, electrons are considered to be identical to each other because no intrinsic physical property may be used to distinguish between them. Electrons may swap positions with each other without causing an observable change in a system.Electrons are attracted to positive-charged particles, such as protons.Whether or not a substance has a net electric charge is determined by the balance between the number of electrons and the positive charge of atomic nuclei. If there are more electrons than positive charges, a material is said to be negatively charged. If there is an excess of protons, the object is considered to be positively charged. If the number of electrons and protons is balanced, a material is said to be electrically ne utral. Electrons can exist free in a vacuum. They are called free electrons. Electrons in a metal behave as if they were free electrons and can move to produce a net flow of charge termed an electric current. When electrons (or protons) move, a magnetic field is generated.A neutral atom has the same number of protons and electrons. It can have a variable number of neutrons (forming isotopes) since neutrons do not carry a net electric charge.Electrons have properties of both particles and waves. They can be diffracted, like photons, yet can collide with each other and other particles, like other matter.Atomic theory describes electrons as surrounding the proton/neutron nucleus of an atom in shells. While its theoretically possible for an electron to be found anywhere in an atom, it is most probably to find one in its shell.An electron has a spin or intrinsic angular momentum of 1/2.Scientists are capable of isolating and trapping a single electron in a device called a Penning trap. From exam ining single electrons, researchers have found the largest electron radius is 10-22 meters. For most practical purposes, electrons are assumed to be point charges, which are electrical charges with no physical dimensions. According to the Big Bang theory of the universe, photons had sufficient energy within the first millisecond of the explosion to react with each other to form electron-positron pairs. These pairs annihilated each other, emitting photons. For unknown reasons, there came a time when there were more electrons than positrons and more protons than antiprotons. The surviving protons, neutrons, and electrons began to react with each other, forming atoms.Chemical bonds are the result of transfers or sharing of electrons between atoms. Electrons are used in many applications, too, such as vacuum tubes, photomultiplier tubes, cathode ray tubes,  particle beams for research and welding, and the free-electron laser.The words electron and electricity trace their origins to the ancient Greeks. The ancient Greek word for amber was elektron. The Greeks noticed rubbing fur with amber caused the amber to attract small objects. This is the earliest recorded experimentation with electricity. The Engli sh scientist William Gilbert coined the term electricus to refer to this attractive property.

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DROPPING THE ATOMIC BOMB RIGHT OR WRONG DEBATE - Essay Example This in turn forced U.S to use force to compel them of thinking otherwise (Wainstock, 76). 2. The decision was right because it would bring a swift end to the war that if left alone would have carried on for many years. This would in turn lead to millions of people being killed only because of a war that both sides would have agreed. The Japanese had Kamikazes, and this turned out to be one of the most expensive operations that the United States had encountered. Most of the U.S navy suffered since they were on the offensive. The United States had to move in order to reduce their casualties on land (Wainstock, 91). 3. The bombing was the right decision because it proved that the United States of America were the world’s dominating world power and thus they wanted to prove that they could have ended the way with the flick of a switch. The United States had acquired a new device and was willing to try it on anyone who would challenge their power. At the time, they were in conflicting terms with Japan and this meant that Japan would face the brunt of their actions. Had the U.S chosen to march into Japan to fight the enemy, they would have lost because Japan had the numbers. There was no way that America would win with the convectional force that awaited them on land (Wainstock, 136). 4. America was racing with time because the Japanese ministry had decided that they would leave no prisoners when the war ended. Anyone who was caught would have to deal with Japan and the punishment for being caught was death. There were about 1 million Chinese people who had been caught during the war and out of these; only about 55 remained by the time they wished to surrender. They were killing them in masses such as burning them alive in groups. If the war had continued longer, it would have meant that there would be more people who would have

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Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Law - Essay Example Actions or activities that law pronounces legal in one state may be pronounced illegal in another state and vice versa. In this regard, the UAE laws and especially public laws are the case point of this paper. This paper has addressed different types of laws and how they apply in the real world phenomenon. The primary discussion has been based on the UAE context in the view of public decency laws. The UAE observes unique laws in comparison to many other states around the world. The specific laws that are considered in the paper are laws that relate to alcohol, clothing, drugs, homosexuality, Ramadan rules and public debt laws. While all the others except drugs are freely observed around the world, the UAE imposes strict restrictions to them. That is, in most other countries, they are deemed legal, rightful and freedoms. This is not the case in the UAE. While in many other countries alcohol is restricted by age, in UAE age restriction is just but one of the restriction variables. Under the UAE law context therefore, it is viable to conclude that UAE laws are culturally influenced and independent of the contemporary world

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Love and Marriage in Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales

Love and Marriage in Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales Love and Marriage Insanities Making sense out of love and marriage ideals is not an easy task, especially as human actions in emotional circumstances do not follow any logic. It is a fact that has been proven consistently over time, across cultures and is also corroborated by many of the stories within Geoffrey Chaucers Canterbury Tales. In particular, The Knights Tale and The Millers Tale, that take place in two different social settings, make fun of conventional beliefs about love and marriage in the context of values such as bravery, street smartness, morality, and faithfulness. Through their plots, the narrators styles, and the contrast they set up between cherished and practiced values, the two tales highlight that human behavior in romantic situations is often unpredictable, crazy and colored by ones social class, confirming that there is no such thing as a model love or marriage. Although The Knights Tale plot is set in the halo of honor, chivalry and courtesy, the storys events and the characters actions show the silliness in how they treat love. As an example, the two cousins, Arcite and Palamon, are ready to kill each other for a woman neither of them has talked to. After escaping from the prison, Palamon discovers Arcites love for Emily and angrily challenges Arcite to a fight. Arcite responds, And I denounce all covenants that stand / Or are alleged, between you and me / remember love is free / And I will love her! I defy your might. (Chaucer 46) It is ironic that Arcite, who as a knight should keep his word and follow principles, is willing to break his earlier oath not to come in the way of his cousins love pursuit. Arcite justifies breaking his vow because as a free person he is not constrained whom he loves. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get Emily and doesnt care how strong Palamon is. Even though people can behave irrationally in matters involving love, both Palamon and Arcite are being stupid in this instance. Neither of them knows what Emily thinks. Isnt it exemplary love a two-way relationship? Whom are they courting and quarreling about? Are they willing to go to the extremes of killing each other for a woman who at this moment doesnt represent anything other than an image, symbol or trophy that theyve seen from a distance? What makes this even more bizarre is that Emily doesnt even want to get married. She prays to Goddess Diana, That I would be virgin all my life, / And would be neither mistress, no, nor wife. / of thy company, / A huntress walk the woodlands wild. (Chaucer 65) Emily doesnt like a mans company, prefers hunting and doesnt want to marry or bear children. This exposes the foolishness of what Arcite and Palamon were up to, even though they supposedly follow all the ideals of aristocratic class such as bravery, honor, bond and courtly love. The Knights Tale depiction of love is strongly influenced by its narrator, a knight, and his worldview. In the Prologue, the narrator is introduced as someone who followed chivalry, Truth, honour, generousness and courtesy. (Chaucer 4) Since in a knights world, bravery and physical fights resolve disputes, it is no wonder that in his story, a tournament clash is the best way to settle the rivalry between Emilys two suitors. She is no better than a trophy to be won in a contest. The King Theseus treats Emily, in the traditions of the aristocratic class, as a gift to win peace and harmony. Even though she apparently doesnt have any say, her suitors try to woo her with flowery language as per their traditions, customs and code of conduct. As an example, Arcite, while in prison, describes his feelings towards Emily to Palamon, And with a deep and piteous sigh he said: / The freshness of her beauty strikes me dead / Unless I at least see her day by day, / I am but dead (Chaucer 33) Arcit e is using fancy language to say that hell die if he doesnt the object of his love every day. Although the story represents love in flowery terms and as a bravery contest, reflecting the narrators perspective, the plot and characters actions speak of the irrational twists and turns in romantic pursuits. In contrast to the polished language and high-minded principles of the knights world, The Millers Tale depicts romantic situations in vulgar and comical tones, and in the process, makes fun of conventional dos and donts about love and marriage. As an example, the way Alison handles her two suitors, Nicholas and Absalon, is not only hilarious but also a not so subtle middle-class snub of the upper-class imposed view about love. When Alisons husband leaves for work, Nicholas tries to woo her with aggressive sexual advances. In response, she reacts, Swearing shed love him, with a solemn promise / To be at his disposal / When she could spy an opportunity. (Chaucer 91) She is so attracted to the street-smart Nicholas that she has no problems in being at his disposal. She just wants to wait for the right opportunity when it is safe for her to cheat on her husband. In stark contrast to falling for the physical advances of Nicholas, Alison refuses the dignified courtship of the parish clerk Absalon. Not only does she spurn his affection, she does so by tricking him to kiss her genitals. After this trickery, Teehee! she laughed, and clapped the, window to; / Off went poor Absalon sadly through the dark. (Chaucer 103) Alisons contrasting responses, towards her suitors, highlight the qualities, a middle-class girl like her, admires the most: street smartness, boldness and physical attraction represented by Nicholas. On the other hand, she humiliates Absalon, making a mockery of his gentlemanly approaches and sweet words. Further, by being part of an extra-marital affair, she is being unfaithful to her husband. She also participates in Nicholass scheme to deceive her naive husband, that ends up making him a laughing-stock of the town. When John fell from the boat and no one listened to him, Alison and Nicholas told the town people, That he was mad, Some sort of nonsense about Nowels Flood All started laughing at this lunacy. (Chaucer 105) This episode, in addition to her i nfidelity, was Alisons payback for her marriage with the much older carpenter and his extraordinary protective nature. Maybe, she was married to him because he was rich, a practice that was common in arranged marriages in the medieval middle class. The Millers Tale narrators drunkenness and middle-class perspective shapes his story in direct, crude, and vulgar terms. In the Prologue, he proudly states that One shouldnt be too inquisitive in life / Either about Gods secrets or ones wife. /Gods plenty all you could desire / better not enquire. (Chaucer 88) Through these words, the narrator expresses his view that men shouldnt care about their wives or Gods private affairs. There are lots of women in this world to choose from and men shouldnt ask about the rest. Maybe the narrator has loose morals. Or, his middle-class outlook conditions him to talk frankly about subjects like physical sex and infidelity. In the narrators real world, instant gratification is more practical than high-minded principles or morals. Its also an environment that rewards street smartness and land grab mindset of Nicholas and looks down upon the poetic verbiage of Absalon. In any case, the narrators choice of words and the substance of his tale sets up a significant contrast with the polished language and plot of the Knights Tale. Although the two tales, set in different social contexts, are influenced by their narrators style and language, both stories spotlight that there is no universal standard one can use to judge human actions in love and marriage. The Knights Tale, despite its depictions of idolized values such as honor, bravery, and courteousness, boils love down to essentially a competition instead of a two-way relationship. The Millers Tale, despite its vulgarity and crudeness, presents the day-to-day happenings in love and marriage in ordinary folks lives, in stark contrast to the ivory tower world of the aristocratic class. Both stories, however, confirm that human behavior in love and marriage circumstances is often moody, irrational and erratic. It is, therefore, foolish to make predictions about human behavior in such matters where ones heart rules the brain.

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Natural environment Essay

It has been long debated the importance of nature verses nurture. It is hard to prove one from the other since it is shown for them both to play major roles in the development of a child to an adult. I believe that my personality is a combination of both nature and nurture but I think that I am +more nurtured. There are so many behaviors that I have developed from the environment I grew up. I have learnt to respect all people from being influenced at school and by my parents. I have also been trained to be responsible of things such as doing my work. I learnt that if I am not responsible and don’t do my work, then I must pay bad consequences. I have also learnt from experiences that if I do what I am supposed to do, I may be rewarded for good things done. My environment has influenced me in many ways to act upon certain things automatically. Things like looking both ways before crossing the street, or other things that appear to be common sense are learnt from nurture. I have gone through many experiences in which I have learnt different lessons. These lessons have taught me how to act in my life. I know that I am very different person than my mom or my dad. I don’t have very much in common with either of them. Although we do share some of the same aspects, I feel that I am more different from them than alike. I have developed the majority of my social skills from my friends and not my parents. Most of my social life revolves around my friends, who have influenced me a lot of the decisions I make and in the way I act. I don’t socialize with my parents nearly as much as I do with my peers. I don’t think I know my parents well enough to say if I am like them when they are around their friends or not. The nature and nurture of a person can vary greatly. Sometimes there are certain things that are hard to decide whether they are inherited or learnt. I might share some qualities with my parents, but they could just be characteristics that I learnt in my life that my parents also learnt in their lives too and were not inherited. I believe that genes indicate the potential for one’s behavior and personality, and that the environment helps create the extent as to how that behavior is carried out.

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Cultural and sporting events Essay

Cultural and sporting events both possess strengths in the area of promoting community within an environment. The atmosphere created by each is a key factor in the ability of these events to foster community spirit within a region. These activities also contribute to the building of communities in other areas, such as financial economic development. Yet, the ways in which these two types of events do this are vastly different. The exploration of these methods, the different atmospheres created, as well as their impact on the community will offer insight into the contribution that sporting and cultural events make to community and society as a whole. One of the major differences to be found between sporting and cultural events is in the dominant motive for the existence of each. Sporting events are generally driven by the profit motive, and as such are often spectator events. People come mainly to view the games and cheer for given teams. If however, such a team is doing badly on the regional or international scene, members of the community might lose interest in attending that particular event. The sense of community that arises as a result of sporting events is therefore vastly different from that which comes about as a result of a cultural event. During a sport event, supporters of two or more teams are usually present. This creates a strong divide between those who support one team and those who are in favour of its rival. The tension present between these teams, though usually kept under control, does have the potential to create hostility and thereby shatter the community spirit. However, where there is healthy rivalry present, community spirit can be promoted and solidified at the end of the event when respect for the victorious team is freely given by its rival and their supporters. Also, in such cases where an underdog team triumphs, newly found appreciation for that team has the potential of strengthening the ties between the different communities involved—locally, regionally and internationally. In contrast, cultural events are usually traditional and annual events with little tension derived from competition. They are not necessarily driven by the profit motive, and supporters are usually quite loyal in their attendance. Some examples of such cultural events are Independence Day functions (in some countries), coronation services, arts and theatre events such as ballets, symphonies, and oratorios. The community of attendants to such events usually exists in a much more relaxed state, and because of the common traditions that are usually the progenitors of such an event, the attendants at a cultural event are usually more inclined to agree, share, and talk about the occurrences at such events. They share and enjoy a common enjoyment as they experience similar emotions in conjunction with the events. The ability of cultural events to promote community can further be seen in such artistic and cultural projects that promote the lifestyle and origins of certain cultures that might have been marginalised in society. Aboriginal culture shows and other minority showcases have the potential of making visible certain aspects of ethnic/minority culture that might have been ignored in former times (Fraser, 2006). Members of the majority have the opportunity of showing interest in these cultural aspects of the lives of marginalised members of society, and this has the advantage of creating and solidifying relationships among different members of a diverse society. Sporting events also have the capacity to do this. Allowing diversity to infiltrate sporting events promotes social inclusion and a stronger sense of community. Because sporting events are primarily viewed events (as opposed to participatory events) the persons who form the teams have the opportunity to set an example of inclusion and tolerance and thereby promote such community-building practices in the wider regions to which spectators belong. In the final analysis, it might appear that the cultural activities and events do a bit more than sporting events to promote community, as they offer very little occasion for rivalry. However, the ability of sporting events to promote community through inclusion and the potential for increased respect should not be overlooked. Reference Fraser, J. (2006). â€Å"Indigenous artistes at the Woodford Folk. † Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Online. Retrieved on January 21, 2007 from http://www. abc. net. au/message/blackarts/culture/s1658207. htm