Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Ethics - Essay Example At the same time, he did the very best he could and is confident that he well documented Jamie’s case and that, unfortunately, the final decision is left to the SAT board. As a professional, he feels that his time should be compensated as agreed upon and he should respectfully ask him to reconsider his decision not to pay. What legal and ethical actions can you take to collect your fees? It is implied from the case study that no written contract was signed stating that there was not a guarantee that the written documentation provided would convince the SAT committee to allow Jamie additional time on the exam. A verbal contract in this case would not be binding because both parties would likely disagree on what was agreed upon. Legally, it does not appear that anything can be done. Can you send the account to a collection agency? Why or why not? FERPA rules guarantee a student’s right to educational privacy. In this case, sending the issue to a collection agency would re quire a statement of the case, which would most certainly involve the child’s name, or a variation thereof. As such, this would be considered a breach of confidentiality and could actually land the psychologist in trouble. Are the parents or Jamie responsible for the fees? Explain. In this case, the parents would be responsible for the fees. ... Chapter 11: The Case of Ludwig Do you agree with Ludwig’s clinical decision? Do you agree with his rationale? I do not agree with Ludwig’s clinical decision primarily because it does not appear that he explored all viable options. For one, we do not see where he has discussed the issue with Ella at all. If they have a strong working relationship, as mentioned in the case study, then she would likely be open to hearing his suggestion. At that time, if she completely rejected the idea, then they could formulate other more viable treatment options. One suggestion is that he could advise Ella to go with her family and attend family therapy sessions, while he continued to see her in individual sessions. In this manner, they could continue their strong counseling relationship together. Oddly enough, I do agree with Ludwig’s rationale simply because it makes sense in the context of the decision he made. In his mind, he was watching out for Ella’s best interest, b ut in doing so, he lost sight of his responsibility to the patient. From your perspective, would it have made a difference if he had consulted with Ella? Would it have made a difference if he had consulted with or obtained supervision from a colleague? In my opinion, it would have made a difference if he had consulted with Ella. It has been established that they have a good counselor-patent relationship already established. As such, it would be likely that Ella would seriously consider his opinion. At the very least, they would have had an open dialogue where Ella could decide to reject or accept Ludwig’s opinion. Had Ludwig consulted with a colleague, he would surely have been counseled that he had an ethical responsibility to refer Ella for family therapy. This would

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