Wednesday, February 19, 2020


DROPPING THE ATOMIC BOMB RIGHT OR WRONG DEBATE - Essay Example This in turn forced U.S to use force to compel them of thinking otherwise (Wainstock, 76). 2. The decision was right because it would bring a swift end to the war that if left alone would have carried on for many years. This would in turn lead to millions of people being killed only because of a war that both sides would have agreed. The Japanese had Kamikazes, and this turned out to be one of the most expensive operations that the United States had encountered. Most of the U.S navy suffered since they were on the offensive. The United States had to move in order to reduce their casualties on land (Wainstock, 91). 3. The bombing was the right decision because it proved that the United States of America were the world’s dominating world power and thus they wanted to prove that they could have ended the way with the flick of a switch. The United States had acquired a new device and was willing to try it on anyone who would challenge their power. At the time, they were in conflicting terms with Japan and this meant that Japan would face the brunt of their actions. Had the U.S chosen to march into Japan to fight the enemy, they would have lost because Japan had the numbers. There was no way that America would win with the convectional force that awaited them on land (Wainstock, 136). 4. America was racing with time because the Japanese ministry had decided that they would leave no prisoners when the war ended. Anyone who was caught would have to deal with Japan and the punishment for being caught was death. There were about 1 million Chinese people who had been caught during the war and out of these; only about 55 remained by the time they wished to surrender. They were killing them in masses such as burning them alive in groups. If the war had continued longer, it would have meant that there would be more people who would have

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