Saturday, October 5, 2019

Demings Plan-Do-Check-Act Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Demings Plan-Do-Check-Act - Coursework Example She faced many problems for the settlement of her infant child. Therefore, the idea came to my mind that she and many others like mothers are facing the adverse situation. In this case, a child may be disturbed. Therefore in order to save mothers and children form this adverse condition I planned to open a day care centre which actually provides the best services to the people regarding the care of their children that they feel fully satisfied after leaving their child here in the day care centre. The project of day care centre is done through a formal process even from the building to the hiring of staff. Initially the day care centre faces many problems. There was a little awareness about the day care centre in the public. In some cases, people do not rely on the environment and services of a day care centre. In my opinion, the problem was in the marketing of the project. We did not focus on the promotion and advertisements regarding day care centre. Some people are even unaware of the day care centre. A newly introduced project needs a high level investment on the marketing schemes. At the end of first year, the project of day care centre was a partial success just because of the lack of advertising promotions. The project could be fully successful if there was market analysis before its start. Therefore, in my opinion, a business manager should analyze the whole market in order to check the demand awareness of the project. Initially there should be a high-level investment on the marketing purpose. For these projects, there should be a marketing manager so that they can perform the duties in a regular manner (Lake, 2012). Then the management of the business can take right decisions. The concept of process management groups is very much similar to Deming’s plan, do, check and act strategy. This approach is very helpful in the problem just because of the division of work

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