Friday, October 18, 2019

Organizational Behavior & Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Organizational Behavior & Leadership - Essay Example Employee 1 therefore works even during the weekends in order to try to get the bonus. This type of power makes the performance of individuals start going down due to the extreme pressure and stress they encounter. Legitimate power is the power that an individual acquires as a result of the position he or she is in. The individual’s decisions are therefore based on that power and cannot be questioned. The marketing manager of employee 1 exercises the legitimate power accorded to him as a result of his position as a manager to make employees work more than the forty hours stipulated. The manager of employee 3 also uses his power to make employee 3 a team leader. Referent power is the one possessed by an individual that makes others want to be like him or her and be similar to the individual. In the company’s situation, employer 3 has referent power and it is evident by the way his fellow colleagues want to be like him and be similar to him and therefore emulate all the decisions made by him. This type of power motivates the other employees and in the long run performance improves in the organization and so does the interrelationship between the employees and employer. The other base of power is the expert power. This power is exercised by an individual who has knowledge and skills in a particular area and he or she knows that people need the expertise. In this case, employee 2 has this sort of power because he is the only certified public accountant in the organization and therefore uses this to make the rules that about his work schedule and the manager has to comply. The individual may misuse this power since they know the target have no other alternative. The last is the reward power where an individual holds this power based on reinforcing or promises to reinforce the target group. The manager of employer 1 has this power due to the fact that he promises a reward at the end of the year to the

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