Friday, October 18, 2019

Reliance on computer technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Reliance on computer technology - Essay Example Simple tasks such as paying bills, shopping or even booking for a flight can be done over the internet hence making life so convenient and easier than it would have been without computers. Therefore, the big question looming is: Is the reliance on computer technology a good or bad thing? Computers are extremely useful across many field i.e. from doctors, developers, architects, engineers to scientists since they provide a way of making their work easier hence faster completion of work than when undertaking them manually. In addition to a computer being a great aid to work, it has also become a great tool for reference by use of the internet. Computer technology has also provided with an easy way of long distance communication over the internet through means such as social networks i.e. Facebook, twitter, Skype and MSN messenger, and the use of webcam has enabled interactive live video and audio feeds over the internet. (Kikiowo, 2011) According to Grohol, John (2005), computers have also provided an easy way of carrying out academic research through the various search engines available. This is a lot easier and faster than one going through the library catalogue. This in turn has helped students to be more productive and has provided a better learning experience. Computer are also essential in our everyday lives since with them, one can produce many documents with ease, store large amounts of data, share it with friends in different part of the world and also exchange and share ideas. There have been discussions on whether reliance on computer technology has led to deterioration of peoples’ ability to think. Since the discovery of man, the desire to settle drove him to think and come up with new inventions. At this time, there were no computers but he still had the ability to think and come up with new ways of improving his livelihood due to necessity. Therefore, one

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