Friday, October 4, 2019

International Tourism Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

International Tourism Development - Essay Example Advancing tourism activities for the Silk Road Countries United Nations World Tourism Organization took some initiatives for advancement of the tourism activities for each and every Silk Road Country. There are 24 global countries that participated in this particular tourism project in order to accomplish the task quite successfully (ADB, 2013, p.1). It is highly important for the organization to consider effective and sustainable tourism activities in the Silk Road countries in order to achieve the objective of the project. According to the process and objectives of this project, each and every associated country needs to work towards a Single Visa of Silk Road. The United Nations World Tourism Organization is trying to bring several countries of the ancient Silk Route to ensure development and growth through sustainable tourism activities. According to Maslow’s theory of development there are 5 stages of basic needs which have been described in the diagram below: It is clear from the above diagram the 5 stages of development are physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization. Sustainable tourism can play a major role in upgrading the status of the people along the hierarchy. Tourism will stimulate demand and people will shift upwards along the hierarchy model. The people at the grass root are at the physiological part of the hierarchy diagram. Effective implementation of the tourism policies will shift these people up along the hierarchy model and will enhance their development in terms of wealth creation and social recognition. There are different types of tourism, such as food tourism, cultural... This essay stresses that it is true that global tourism industry is one of the major growth drivers of the global economy. Several leading organizations within the industry are trying to implement sustainable business operation strategies in the business processes in order to achieve significant social and cultural growth. It has been discussed earlier that the objective of this project is to encourage and stimulate the quality tourism development through healthy competitiveness between different Silk Road cities. United Nations World Tourism Organization took some initiatives for advancement of the tourism activities for each and every Silk Road Country. This paper makes a conclusion that Silk Road Programme is one of the important and popular sustainable tourism project initiated by The United Nations World Tourism Organization. The organization always tries to develop and implement unique business operation strategies to maintain effective growth rate of the industry. It is true that the tourism industry is known as one of the most important economic growth drivers. In addition to this, several other factors motivating people to visit several popular countries around the globe. People around the globe used to visit this country in order to experience the taste of delicious food items. The organization is trying to build a sustainable network through the Silk Road Countries in order to make the places more attractive and healthy among the global people.

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